5 Amazing Places To Visit Before You Die

As you already know, the world is a beautiful place to be! Everybody has a list of things they want to accomplish and for a travel enthusiast, visiting many destinations as possible will be a lifetime achievement. However, with so many cultures to see, places to visit and breathtaking experiences to live, we often find it difficult to come up with a list which will perfectly balance the time we have and also the budget.

Though it is difficult to come up with a perfect list of places you should visit before the age of 25, here is a well-rehearsed list of places you should visit and their essential experiences before turning 25.


Located in Egypt, they are only among the seven wonders of the world still firmly standing. Constructed at around 2500 BC, the pyramids stood for over 3800 as the tallest human-made structures. Despite having native technology at the time, the engineering behind their construction is mind-blowing, and they are definitely worth a visit.


When you have your eyes on the canyon for the first time, you cannot fail to be perplexed by the power of nature. Carved into perfection by the Colorado River over thousands of years, it spans for over 200 miles (321.87 km). The hiking experience, camping and sky-walking seventy feet above the floor of the canyon.


Located in Arizona USA, the canyon is a series of picturesque that you possibly cannot believe exists. The crevices which look like a photograph trick, are products of millions of years of water erosion. The site is a photographers dream come true as its wavy structure and light rays which shine downward creates a supernatural appearance.


Stretching for over 4000 miles (6,437.38 km), the Great Wall is among the seven wonders of the medieval world. Its size and ability to withstand natural forces are not the only things to be amazed at. This structure presents you with an opportunity to test your endurance as you climb the steep steps. Additionally, you have the opportunity to take amazing pictures and reflect on the endurance of the constructors, will power and engineering intelligence behind its construction. When you are at the section which atop a mountain, you have a clear view of the area.


Definitely, this is a magnet for adventurous! The Belize Barrier reefs is 300 meters off the coast in the north of Belize City. This unique feature is mostly enjoyed by researchers, scuba divers, snorkelers and dive-masters. The feature presents divers with the opportunity to see hundreds of coral formation, thousands of aquatic life, stalagmites and stalactites among others. The site continues being one of the favorite tourist destinations regardless of whether you are there diving or exploring.


On the thin light, traveling and exploring is all about visiting new places and maybe giving a little back at the same time The truth is, underneath lies much more which includes opening your horizon towards interacting with new cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. Though photos may act as proof that you visited the place, travel enthusiast will tell that it is the transformation which takes place within yourself that is often strong. Some will argue money spent on traveling could be invested in other areas but more benefits come with it and you don’t want to regret on your death bed.

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